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Career Pathways

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Career Pathways

Where a Police career can take you

You’ll constantly grow and learn because professional development continues throughout your career.

Through on the job training programmes you can complete qualifications leading to roles in training, leadership development, investigations and resolutions.

  • financial crime unit

    Financial Crime Unit

    Your background in finance or accounting can disrupt and deter financial crime. The Unit monitors suspicious transactions, large amounts of cash crossing our borders, and helps with money-laundering investigations.

  • child protection team

    Child Protection Team

    You can help give society's most vulnerable people a voice. Working with other agencies, you'll make a difference to kids who have suffered physical, psychological or sexual abuse.

  • Forensics

    Specialise in crime scene examination as a Scene of Crime Officer or Photographer and work with Fingerprint Officers, Document Examiners, Armourers and Electronic Crime Analysts.

  • prosecutions


    Carry out  legal research, present evidence in court, and prepare written submissions to strengthen the prosecution's case.

    You can apply for this role as a non-constabulary employee if you have an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and a current practising certificate (with 2+ years experience) or apply once you hold the office of Constable.

  • Detective

    You’ll train to undertake criminal investigations and solve serious crime, targeting organised crime and those who keep offending. You’ll investigate murders, violence, sexual offending, drug offences and more.

  • training and leadership

    Training and Leadership Development

    Train in areas of coaching, leadership and reflection and become a tactical skills coach, train new recruits or our future senior officers.