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What you can expect

Ngā mahi e kuhu ai koe

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What you can expect

It's More Than a Job 

When you’re a Police Officer, you’ll keep improving yourself and proving yourself. You’ll learn to understand your abilities and strengths and know how to put them to the best possible use.

With your fellow Police Officers, you’ll make a positive difference to the lives of people around you. Together with our communities, you’ll help keep New Zealanders safe in their homes, on the streets, and on the roads. You’ll enforce the law with courage and compassion, and work with potential victims, whānau, community organisations, iwi, businesses, and other government agencies.

You’ll prevent harm and help make New Zealand even safer for us all. The sense of satisfaction you’ll experience is like nothing else.

Look after our communities 

A Police Officer serves New Zealand’s communities, protecting life and property and safeguarding individual freedoms. You’ll give public safety advice and build goodwill between police and the community you look after.

Work on the front-line 

You’ll develop an instinct for when something is out of the ordinary and respond to incidents that need your help. You’ll maintain public order, prevent crime, and you’ll detect and apprehend offenders.

Investigate crime 

You’ll use initiative and judgment when you interview complainants, witnesses, and offenders, investigate crimes, collect evidence, and give verbal and written reports.

Communicate with people 

You’ll give and ask for advice, mediate disputes, resolve conflict, deal compassionately with victims, and be sensitive to the needs of different cultures.

Be cool, calm, and collected 

Everyone works on shifts, in all weather, and sometimes in uncomfortable environments. You’ll be treated with respect by most people, but not all. You’ll be tolerant towards all people and work calmly, in any situation.

Put your knowledge to work 

You’ll develop a good working knowledge of the law and learn how to keep people safe, prevent, and detect crime. Your understanding of human nature and behaviour will continue to grow, and you’ll be able to use it to help others.