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Rejoin Recruitment

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Rejoin Recruitment

Now accepting registrations of interest from rejoin applicants

Police encourages the reappointment of suitable ex-constabulary employees who wish to rejoin the organisation. Their placement within the organisation will be based on organisational need and where possible will acknowledge their skills, knowledge and experience gained both within and outside Police.

In late 2021, Police introduced a change in the Rejoin Appointment Policy that involves the recruitment of Rejoins from an EOI-driven process to be a vacancy-based and merit-driven process. This new approach is designed to meet our evolving organisational needs. Where possible, we will acknowledge a Rejoin applicant’s skills, knowledge and experience gained both externally and formerly within NZ Police.


Rejoin Process

1. Submit a ‘Registration of Interest’

You must register your interest in order to receive vacancies open to Rejoin applicants. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, your skills and experiences, especially those gained since being away from the organisation. Once you’ve registered, if there are news or information updates, you’ll get them at the same time as everyone else.

2. Initial background checks

Recruitment will complete some initial checks, including Professional Conduct. Recruitment staff will also contact your previous District / Service Centre / National Workgroup to see if the relevant District Commander or Director (in consultation with other senior leaders) supports your return to NZ Police.

3. Applying for a Rejoin-approved vacancy

You’ll receive an email from Recruitment any time there is a new vacancy for which Rejoin applicants may apply, and from time-to-time about relevant Police employee vacancies. NB: Not all constabulary positions will be open to Rejoin applicants. Rejoin-approved vacancies will only be advertised to those who have registered their interest to rejoin. Rejoins must have already obtained their previous District’s support to be shortlisted for the vacancy.

4. Assessment and shortlisting

Recruitment will collate a shortlist of the most suitable Rejoin applicants for the hiring manager. If you’re selected for the shortlist, you will then be required to participate in an interview by a panel of Police representatives. The hiring manager will then select a preferred applicant. If you’re the preferred applicant, you’ll be invited to complete the next stage of the Rejoin selection process. This includes a medical review, background checks and completing the PCT.

5. The Offer Process

Once you’ve completed all necessary selection requirements, and obtained the appropriate approvals, you’ll progress to offer stage. At this time, remuneration details and start date will be confirmed and an individual Training Plan Assessment will be provided by Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC).

6. Onboarding to Police employment

In your first four to six weeks back in District, you’ll complete your training plan requirements, which you can expect will mostly consist of online modules except for PITT and First Aid training. When your training has been completed, RNZPC will verify this, and arrange formal attestation to be held within District. After the formal attestation procedure, you’ll then have your constabulary powers fully restored and will be able to undertake Police duties.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the Rejoin process changed?

Previously, potential Rejoin candidates who successfully completed the selection process often experienced long wait times to be offered a role.  Also, the process was somewhat driven by individuals expressing interest in rejoining which may not be reflective of the organisational recruitment needs.

By moving to a vacancy and merit-based approach, Police can select the best person for a vacancy. There is now a clear and structured process which is more reflective of current organisational and District requirements and provides more certainty around the likelihood of getting a job offer.

What’s the ‘Registration of Interest’ database?

The Recruitment team now uses a ‘Registration of Interest’ database for those interested in returning to Police. This makes it easy for potential Rejoins to be emailed approved constabulary vacancies for which Rejoins may apply.

If you’re not on this database, you won’t be notified of vacancies open for Rejoin applicants.

From time to time, we may also invite potential Rejoins to apply for roles which are outside of standard sworn permanent positions.  These could be either non-sworn, project-based and/or fixed-term roles.

How do I obtain support from my previous District or workgroup?

A potential Rejoin must complete the ‘Registration of Interest’ and be on the database.  Following this step, the Recruitment team will discuss a candidate’s intention to return to Police with his/her previous District to review a candidate’s suitability to return to policing. 

This process will include Recruitment talking to various representatives within District, including the District Commander, HR Manager and previous supervisors.  

Districts will support those Rejoin candidates who demonstrated exceptional performance whilst serving as a Police Officer, and whom they consider will add further value to the organisation if rehired. 

District senior leaders are not obligated to support a candidate’s application.  If applicants are not supported by their previous District, then Recruitment staff can arrange for District representatives to discuss directly with candidates the reasons why.

It’s important to understand that Rejoin applicants must obtain their previous District’s support to be considered as an applicant for a vacancy.

I left more than five years ago, am I eligible to rejoin?

In order to be rehired under the new Rejoin process, applicants need to have successfully completed:

  • the application process,
  • have been appointed to a position and commenced work for Police prior to the five-year anniversary of their previous cessation of employment.

Former Police Officers who wish to rejoin and are outside of the timeframe may be eligible to reapply as a recruit - provided previous District support is obtained. 

Those wanting to return as a recruit will need to complete the full recruit selection process.  If successful, candidates are required to complete the 20-week Initial Training Course at the Royal New Zealand Police College. 

However, occasionally, on a case by case basis, the relevant Assistant Commissioner can exercise discretion and apply the Rejoining Police policy to those who are slightly outside the timeframe.

Can my time to rejoin be extended to account for the pause in hiring rejoins - from March 2020 to December 2021?


I didn’t complete my probationary period, can I rejoin?

As the Police moves to a vacancy-based approach, Probationary Constables may not be suited for the positions advertised to Rejoins due to the limitations of not completing their Career Foundation Initial Training.

We invite probationary officers to register their interest in rejoining however probationary officers need to be aware that they may find it challenging to be shortlisted for vacancies as they may not meet the requirements of the role.

A former Police Officer who wishes to rejoin and did not obtain a permanent appointment may be eligible to reapply as a Recruit - provided District support for the appointment is obtained.

I heard about a couple of vacancies coming up in my preferred workgroup, can I apply for these?

Not all constabulary positions will be open for Rejoins to apply for.  Vacancies must be approved by the organisation as being suitable for Rejoins to apply.  To receive notifications of when vacancies are open for Rejoins to apply,  please register your interest.

What is the approval process for a vacancy?

A vacancy open for Rejoin applicants is required to be approved at a District Commander / Director-level; or in some circumstances, the relevant Assistant Commissioner / Executive Director.

Generally, a Nationally Advertised Vacancy (NAV) process will need to be completed before a Rejoin selection process can commence.

Once the vacancy has been approved for Rejoin candidates, those who have registered their interest will be emailed a link inviting them to submit an application.

Can I rejoin at the rank I resigned on?

Rejoin applicants are not limited to any particular level. Successful applicants will be appointed to the rank that is required for the role. 

For example:

  • If you resigned as a Sergeant and the role you apply for is a PST Constable, you will be appointed as Constable.
  • If you resigned as a Detective and the role you apply for is a Detective, you will be appointed as a Detective

I previously had an application to rejoin declined; am I eligible to apply again?

Please contact us for guidance before registering your interest. 

Generally, if an applicant’s previous District has advised that they do not support their return, this decision will be upheld. 

Once I’ve submitted my Registration of Interest, how long does it take?

Rejoin candidates need to wait for a Rejoin-approved vacancy to come up before applying for a role.  There is no set timeframe once applicants have registered their interest in returning to the Police and the roles becoming available.

Those eventually selected as the preferred applicant for a Rejoin-approved vacancy, need to keep in mind that it may still take some time to complete the requirements of the selection process. 

Do rejoin applicants have to do the PAT or a first aid certificate? 

No, these are no longer requirements of the process.