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Rejoin Recruitment

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Rejoin Recruitment

Former police can now apply to become rejoin candidates

As from, 21 December 2021 former police officers who want to apply to rejoin the New Zealand Police can now be considered for approved roles.

The change follows a decision in early 2020 that put a pause on Police rehiring constabulary officers who had left the service.

“We are now accepting registrations of interest from former NZ Police officers who wish to return to the organisation in constabulary vacancies that have been approved to be open for rejoin candidates,” says Paula Hill, (Acting) Director – Recruitment.

Since the pause, we have re-assessed how rejoins are appointed to create a process which is more transparent and aligned with operational requirements. Initially, the new process will look different to many, both within the Police and former officers, because the policy is now vacancy-based and merit driven.

Registration of Interest

Former police officers who wish to rejoin the organisation are invited to complete the Registration of Interest.  Here they’re asked to provide some basic information about themselves, their skills and experiences as part of process. Once registered, the Recruitment team will complete initial checks to confirm a candidate’s suitability to return to the Police work force.

An important step in the overall process involves identifying those vacancies that have approval for rejoin applicants to apply. Once any vacancy has been identified as being open to rejoin applicants, those rejoin candidates who have registered interest, will be emailed the details of such vacancies.

Rejoins can then apply for the vacancy and will undergo a selection process aligned with current Police recruitment practices. Paula Hill says “it’s important to note that not all constabulary positions will be open to rejoin applicants.  And for rejoin candidates, it’s important to register your interest so you can be kept up to date of all eligible vacancies in the future.”

“The application information now required from former police officers is different than before the pause, therefore, we ask that all former police officers still wishing to return as a rejoin, to register their interest - regardless if they’ve  already had contact with the Recruitment team since the pause began,” says Paula Hill.  

Changes to the rejoin process was the result of careful consideration by many recruitment and leadership staff within Police. The eligibility of a vacancy to be open to rejoin applicants will be based upon operational requirements and covers the whole of New Zealand. 

To register interest in rejoin vacancies, please contact the Recruitment team at and the team will contact you in the New Year.