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In Your Element

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In Your Element


Are you looking for a career that offers a sense of purpose as well as utilising the valuable skills and fitness you already have by being active in the outdoors. Look no further than New Zealand Police.

Protect and make meaningful change in the community, and be in your element.

With 300 stations across the country, you can determine how and where you can incorporate your passion for the outdoors in your downtime.

You’ll be joining a team of people just like you!

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Stuart - Tramping

Stuart tramping

As the sole charge senior constable on Rakiura Stewart Island, Stuart Newton travels all over the island – by land and sea – he has been involved in search and rescue operations, wildlife rescues on top of his day-to-day police work

Stuart’s role requires self-autonomy, outdoor skills and the ability to get along with everyone – from the locals to the many domestic and international tourists who visit the island each year.

“The role is so varied, that I really need to adapt to new situations every day. But it’s what keeps it interesting and challenging for me. As a rural officer you really get to deal with all sorts of things; it has a huge breadth of opportunity.”

Telisha - Running, Netball, Mother

Telisha running

Sergeant Telisha Krishna loves a good challenge. She’s been training for a series of half marathons as part of a fundraiser. She’s usually seen out running with her young son Shaan.

Currently working FEO (Flexible Employment) as the Auckland City Station Manager she fits in a range of activities and sports, which she says helps keep her determined and focused in her police work.

“I’m determined to do my best in whatever role I’m in with Police. I want to be a role model for women, particularly Indian, and show them that anything is possible.”

Angie - Triathlon

Angie cycling

Digging deep is something Constable Angie Keen knows all about. When she’s not working as a Police Officer in Rotorua, she’s been successfully competing in triathlon events across New Zealand and the world.

“I’ve got great support from Police to enable me to compete as this top level, both through Police Sport as well as from my Supervisor.”

It’s not easy fitting it all in, but Angie finds Police shift work really suits her training schedule.

Raanj - Waka Ama

Raanji waka

Competitive waka ama is a very big part of Constable Raanj Rapana’s life. It takes a lot of grit and commitment to make sure she fits in training and keep at the top of her sport.

“If I finish work at 3am I just go training then if I have to, just like finishing a normal work day.”

“I make the shiftwork work for me, and I have really great support from my Supervisor, so I can getaway to events”

“Being fit and resilient gives me strength and confidence as a police officer. I know I can walk into different situations and aim to come out with the best possible outcome for those I’m dealing with.”

Tui - Fishing

Imagine being stationed in a location that after challenging day’s work you can unwind by casting a line into the briny (or a lake or river for that matter). For officers like Constable Tui Baker, Northland, it’s not just a job; it's a lifestyle that enable her to combine her passion for policing, with having the opportunity to do things she enjoys in her downtime, like fishing.

“It’s a great way to ground myself and clear my head. I can’t tell you how refreshing and how good a reset it is to just feel the water around you. The job can be intense, so fishing is a great way to relax yourself and work on your mental health.”

“It also teaches you to be patient, and that’s really useful when you’re dealing with different people in the community.”