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Police Pathway Programme

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Police Pathway Programme


The Police Pathway Programme aims to provide high school students with a basic understanding of the knowledge, skills, attributes and attitudes associated with the Police and policing in Aotearoa. Students can receive up to 26 NCEA Level 3 credits which have been contextualised toward policing within New Zealand. This programme also allows students to explore the physical and leadership requirements required to become a Police Officer.

In 2020, NZ Police are supporting more than 60 schools delivering the programme across eight districts. The programme is supported nationally and by regional Police Officers within the community. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register my school's interest?

Please complete the registration of interest form and someone from the Police Pathway Programme team will be in touch to discuss and provide additional information about the programme.

Who is the programme open to?

The programme is targeted at Year 13 students. Year 12 students may enrol and this is at the discretion of the school. This programme is not suited to adult learners.

What are the basic requirements to deliver the programme?
  • Support from within the school for the programme
  • A teacher or facilitator to deliver the programme
  • Interest from students
  • Consideration of the potential approach of delivery (timetabled subject, vocational pathway day programme, block course intensive programme, cluster programme, day programme)
How can I find out more information about the programme?

For a copy of the course outline click here 

Contact the Police Pathway Programme team via email at pathwayprogramme@police.govt.nz