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Northland District

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Northland District

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Northland District is divided into two areas that cover 12,844 square km from Kaiwaka to Cape Reinga.

The Whangarei/Kaipara Area stretches from Whangarei to Kaiwaka, across to Dargaville and Kawakawa.

The Far North Area starts at Kawakawa and stretches along both coastlines to Cape Reinga. 

While Northland District is the second smallest in the country after Tasman, its geographical spread and many remote areas bring unique policing challenges.


Far North Area

We are now accepting applications in this area.

Whangarei Kaipara Area 

We are now accepting applications in this area.


Please refer to Rejoin Recruitment for information about rejoining if you are a former NZ Police officer.


For more information about Northland District 

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