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Selected for Wing


Selected for Wing

The planning process for a wing commences around three to four months before the start date of each wing.

Police calls up candidates based on the requirements of Police Districts around New Zealand.

If you're selected for a wing, your Selection Specialist will contact you to confirm your availability for the planned dates, and which district / area you are being selected for. If you're not yet in the Candidate Pool this is the point at which your Selection Specialist will also arrange for any outstanding items or final checks to be completed.

You'll be asked to attend a Final PAT to ensure you've kept up your training and still meet the fitness requirements before you commence your 20 week training at Police College as well as undergoing a Final Medical Check.

Receive Offer Letter

You'll get an offer letter about five weeks before the wing start date. Until you receive a formal offer letter we recommend you do not resign from your current job, or make any substantial changes to your circumstances. If your circumstances or notice period with your existing employer require an earlier offer, please ensure you discuss this with your Selection Specialist when you're selected for the wing.


Once you've accepted your offer letter you'll go through an online onboarding process to complete employment forms, and provide Police with information to prepare for your arrival at Police College - e.g. your travel and/or dietary requirements and emergency contact information. 

Arranging Travel

If you've requested a flight booking during your onboarding, Police will book this on your behalf and you'll receive an itinerary 2-3 weeks before you travel to Police College. In general Police will arrange flights to arrive on the Sunday prior to the Wing starting on a Monday. If you prefer to make your own way to Police College, there's a process for reimbursement of travel costs once you have started at College.

Farewell to Police College event

Some Districts will arrange an event before the wing starts, where all recruits from the district are invited to a local station to meet their future colleagues. Your Selection Specialist will inform you if there's an event happening in your District.