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SCOPE gives you a realistic job preview by providing the opportunity to experience as many different aspects of police work as possible.

Rather than watching a video about NZ Police, you'll be on the frontline experiencing the challenges and rewards of working as a Police Officer for yourself. 

SCOPE stands for:

  • Surroundings: The surroundings in which you'll be working. This refers to the physical environment, and includes being aware of factors such as safety, wellbeing and confidentiality.
  • Conditions/descriptions: Describes the work conditions of a Police Officer, while exploring the responsibilities and challenges of the role.
  • Organisation: Examines Police as an organisation. In particular, how the organisation is structured, what makes it a unique employer, and external factors that can influence police operations.
  • People/prospects: Prospects that come with working as a Police Officer. How Police Officers advance their career, get promoted and rewarded.
  • Effects/education/training: Provides insight into the effects of working as a Police Officer, such as the impact Police work can have on family and friends.

You’re going to experience first-hand what being a Police Officer is all about by spending 4 x 10 hour shifts working alongside a Police Officer. The Police Officers who work with you during your SCOPE shifts will be checking you have the competencies and values required to be an officer.

During and after your time on SCOPE, you'll complete a workbook to record and reflect upon your experiences and observations made on your SCOPE shifts.

You’ll also have your fingerprints taken when you do SCOPE. These will be checked against our database and, if you’re successful in your application to be a Police Officer they’ll be held on a database for elimination from crime scenes you may attend during work.

Your Selection Specialist will advise you when it's time to book in your SCOPE shifts.