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Initial Medical Check


Initial Medical Check

When you reach the Initial Medical Check we'll email you a health questionnaire to complete online. Assessing your completed questionnaire may then take our Recruitment Medicals team around three weeks.

Depending on your responses, we may also ask you to do one or more of the following at this point:

  • fill out and answer an asthma questionnaire
  • take a vision test 
  • see a doctor to complete a full medical

Applicants are expected to disclose to the Recruitment Medical team all medical conditions, use of medications and any medical aids which are current at the time of their medical assessment. Applicants are also expected to disclose all past medical history where relevant on the health questionnaire.

If you have any questions around your medical history please include this in your health questionnaire or contact the Recruitment Medical team directly for their guidance. Failure to disclose any past history that could have an impact on your suitability may result in your application being declined.

For more information on our health checks and requirements, read the below: