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Possible Careers

Where a Police career can take you

As a member of the New Zealand Police you’ll help people every day, and no two days will be the same. You’ll constantly grow and learn because professional development continues throughout your career.

Your First 2 Years
New Cops - General Duties

General Duties Constable

Start as a probationary Constable and respond to emergencies and prevent crime. You’ll train on-the-job attending street disorder, family violence, road crashes, and stolen car investigations. You'll participate in operations at major sporting events, prepare files for court, and help to locate missing people.

In your first year out of college, you'll earn a total of $66,615.00. You could also earn an additional $6,500 in allowances and overtime. Further pay increases will depend on your role, shift patterns, and promotion.

Career Path at 2+ Years
After two years as a probationary Constable, you’ll become a fully-qualified Constable. Choose to stay in this role or apply to work in a specialist area–there are over 30 roles to choose from.
New Cops - Youth Aid

Youth Aid

Work with kids, teens, parents, community organisations, and other agencies to help turn young lives around. Get the reward of helping put young people on the right track in life.

New Cops - Family Violence Team

Family Violence Team

If you have strong communication skills, understand the digital world, and have empathy for victims, you can work to stop child abuse, cyber-bullying, and partner violence.

New Cops - Dive Squad

Dive Squad

Dive Squad members have regular police duties alongside dive work and training. You could be doing evidential searches, tricky underwater video work, or sometimes you'll be asked to locate bodies. It's valuable and necessary work.

New Cops - Neighbourhood Policing Team

Neighbourhood Policing Team

Working alongside a small team of Police Officers and other groups you can put your problem-solving and communication skills and work with the community to prevent crime.

New Cops - Air Observation Support

Air Observation Support

The Air Observation Support is New Zealand Police's "eye in the sky" in Auckland. You'll track fleeing vehicles and offenders and assist with special operations from above.

New Cops - Iwi Liaison Officer

Iwi Liaison Officer

It’s so rewarding to work with Iwi and whānau to prevent crime, crashes, and victimisation. Knowing Te Reo and Tikanga Māori can be really valuable to this role.

New Cops - Ethnic Liaison Officer

Ethnic Liaison Officer

Work in New Zealand's diverse communities. You'll attend cultural events, educate migrants about our laws, help international travellers who are victims of crime, and many more.

New Cops - Financial Crime Unit

Financial Crime Unit

Your background in finance or accounting can disrupt and deter crime. The unit monitors suspicious transactions, large amounts of cash crossing our borders, and helps money-laundering investigations.

New Cops - School Community Officer

School Community Officers

You'll help students to be safe and achieve their potential. Work alongside teaching staff, students, parents, whānau, and the community to stop harm and build safe environments for our tamariki.

New Cops - Road Policing

Road Policing

When you work in road policing–including Highway Patrol, Commercial Vehicle Investigations Unit, and the Serious Crash Unit–you can save lives and reduce injury.

New Cops - Child Protection Team

Child Protection Team

You can help give society's most vulnerable people a voice. Working with other agencies, you'll make a difference to kids who have suffered physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

New Cops - Forensics


Specialise in crime scene examination as a Scene of Crime Officer or Photographer and work with Fingerprint Officers, Document Examiners, Armourers, and Electronic Crime Analysts.

New Cops - Prosecutions


Conduct legal research, present evidence in court, and prepare written submissions to strengthen the prosecution's case.

You can apply for this role as a non-constabulary employee if you have an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and a current practising certificate (with 2+ years experience) or apply once you hold the office of Constable.

Additional Specialist Roles
These are roles that you can take on in addition to your normal duties.
New Cops - Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

Take on specialist work that suits your active approach to life. If you thrive being outdoors, you could contribute to search and rescue missions when needed.

New Cops - Armed Offenders Squad

Armed Offenders Squad

AOS members are part-time drawn from all branches of Police. You’re trained to “cordon, contain, and appeal” to armed offenders. Tactics and training come to the fore.

New Cops - Negotiator

Police Negotiator

You'll train in psychology and crisis intervention techniques and attend armed offender incidents–most are resolved peacefully, thanks to the skills of Police Negotiators.

Your Career Path at 3+ Years
New Cops - Organised Crime and Drugs Unit

Organised Crime and Drugs Unit

You'll work to dismantle the operations and profits of organised crime groups, including gangs. For this role, you’ll train in the Criminal Investigations Branch.

New Cops - Protection Services

Protection Services

Whether at home or abroad, you would provide protection for the Prime Minister, Governor General, other key positions, as a well as VIP guests to New Zealand.

Career Path at 5+ Years
New Cops - Detective


You’ll train to undertake criminal investigations and solve serious crime, targeting organised crime and those who keep offending. You’ll investigate murders, violence, sexual offending, drug offences, and more.

New Cops - Dog Handler

Dog Handler

Police dog handlers’ primary role is to track and search for people. You may also be deployed alongside the Armed Offender Squad or search for firearms and drugs.

New Cops - Interpol

International Liaison Officer (Interpol)

You work supporting Interpol (International Crime Police Organisation). Cases include international missing persons, international child abductions, extraditions, and more.

New Cops - Special Tactics Group

Special Tactics Group (STG)

Provide a sustained tactical response to escalating situations which fall beyond the capability or capacity of the Armed Offenders Squad, including terrorism, hostages, high-risk surveillance, VIP security, and many more.

New Cops - Leadership


You can become a Section Sergeant in five years. From there, anything is possible–even becoming the Police Commissioner. Aim high and take charge of your career.