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As a Police recruit, you must be able to cope with the intellectual demands of Police training and Police work. Psychometric testing is an important part of the selection process.

These practice questions help you prepare for the real psychometric assessment, and the questions are broken down into three sections:

Verbal Reasoning

Test your ability to perform reasoning tasks involving the use of language. Questions range from defining words and providing synonyms, through to identifying the underlying meanings of common words and phrases.

Numerical Reasoning

Tests how well you can perform tasks that use algebra and geometry as well as your ability to understand and interpret numerical information presented in different ways including tables, diagrams and graphs.

Abstract Reasoning

Test your ability to identify patterns, presented in diagrammatic form, and your ability to understand new information.

Unlike the real thing, these practice questions aren’t timed and don’t reflect the difficulty of the actual test. Afterwards, think about the logic you used to work out the answer, to get a handle on the thinking you may need to use on the real test.

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