New Cops | Do you care enough?

Making it to the candidate pool

If you get accepted into the Candidate Pool… well done! It means that you’ve successfully met all of the selection requirements and you have the potential to train at the Royal New Zealand Police College (RNZPC).

The next step is that you’ll be considered for selection to upcoming RNZPC intakes, which are known as "‘wings". There are several wings every year depending on the need for new recruits, and many recruits are accepted into each wing.

The Candidate Pool isn’t a waiting list. Candidates are always chosen according to the requirements of Police districts around New Zealand.

When you get called up depends on your individual strengths and the recruitment requirements in your preferred districts.

  • Three to four months before the start date of each wing, police will call up a number of candidates from the Candidate Pool to go to RNZPC
  • These candidates will then undergo their Final Medical Checks which includes a pre-employment drug and alcohol test
  • We try to place you in your preferred district, but you may also be given the choice to work in another district where recruits are more needed
  • Remember to keep up your training and fitness while you’re in the Candidate Pool to prepare yourself for the physical challenges you’ll be given at the RNZPC.